Поміж Сірих Сутінків

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Вони гинутимуть від куль енкаведистів, від цинги й тифу, але не припинятимуть вірити, що колись побачать замість крижаного моря Лаптєвих рідну Балтику

стор ю депортованих литовц в свою стор ю розпов сть п ятнадцятир чна художниця Л на

Про перше кохання, про зниклого в сиб рських тюрмах батька, про мат р, яка сто ть на кол нах перед застреленою д вчиною, про безнад ю в ру в силу людсько г дност , з якою маленький народ здолав велик випробування.

Так, як ум найкраще, ол вцями й с рою аквареллю з попелу

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Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of

This book covers the fundamentals of satellite microwave instrument calibration, remote sensing sciences and algorithms, as well as the applications of the satellite microwave observations in weather and climate research.
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Strengthening of Concrete Structures with

Design and construction in existing contexts is becoming increasingly important, and often the structures sometimes of historical interest can be preserved easily and at minimum cost by employing strengthening measures. Existing concrete members can be strengthened by using adhesives to bond additional reinforcing elements onto or into those members. This book explains the design rules, together with their background, and uses examples to illustrate their use, specifically for slabs, beams and columns. Concrete member strengthening measures can take the form of, for example, flexural strengthening with externally bonded surface-mounted CFRP strips, CF sheets and
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Literacy and Second Language Oracy

This book offers research evidence documenting the significant impact of low literacy skill on adolescents' processing of oral L2 input and acquisition.
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Understanding the Pentateuch as a

A cutting-edge scholarly review of how the Pentateuch functions as a scripture, and how it came to be ritualized in this way. Understanding the Pentateuch as a Scripture is a unique account of the first five books of the Bible, describing how Jews and Christians ritualize the Pentateuch as a scripture by interpreting it, by performing its text and contents, and by venerating the physical scroll and book. Pentateuchal studies are known for intense focus on questions of how and when the first five books of the Bible were composed, edited, and canonized as scripture. Rather than such purely historical
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Groundwater Remediation. A Practical Guide

Groundwater is one of the Earth s most precious resources. We use it for drinking, bathing, and many other purposes. Without clean water, humans would cease to exist. Unfortunately, because of ignorance or lack of caring, groundwater is often contaminated through industrialization, industry, construction or any number of other ways. It is the job of the environmental engineer to remediate the contaminated groundwater and make what has been tainted safe again.Selecting the proper remediation strategy and process is the key to moving forward, and, once this process has been selected, it must be executed properly, taking into consideration the costs
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Synthetic Biology

These two volumes contain a selection of updated articles from the acclaimed Meyers Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine, the most authoritative resource in cell and molecular biology, combined with new articles by founding fathers in the field. The work is divided into six sections Biological Basis Modeling Modular Parts and Circuits Synthetic Genomes Diseases and Therapeutics Chemicals Production. Ideally suited as advanced reading for students and postdocs, and with all current research trends covered by an impressive number of leading figures in
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Europe's Uncertain Path 1814-1914. State

Europe s Uncertain Path is an introduction to Europe s turbulent history from 1814 to 1914. It presents a clear narrative of the major political events, set against the backdrop of social, economic, and cultural change. An introduction to Europe s turbulent history from 1814 to 1914 Provides students with a solid grounding in the main political events and social changes of the period Explains the causes and outcomes of major events the effect of the emergence of mass politics the evolution of political ideologies and the link between foreign and domestic policy Offers balanced coverage of
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Selling Your Home For Dummies

Sell your home for the best possible price Thinking of selling up but not sure whether it's the right time, or how to go about it From helping you decide whether selling really is the best option for you, to finding an agent and choosing a sales method, all the way to exchanging contracts, this step-by-step guide covers all the practical, financial and legal aspects of selling your home. Work out whether you're ready to sell consider all the options and decide if selling is the way to go Find out when you should sell
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Teaching Intensive and Accelerated Courses.

In this comprehensive resource, Raymond J. Wlodkowski and Margery B. Ginsberg describe how to meet the challenge of teaching intensive and accelerated courses to nontraditional learners and working adults. By making motivation and cultural relevance essential to instruction, they clearly show what instructors can do to enhance learning in classes that can last from three to six hours. Teaching Intensive and Accelerated Courses makes full use of the authors' twenty years of experience researching and teaching accelerated courses, along with selected strategies from Wlodkowski's classic Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn, to offer tried-and-true practices instructors can use to provide continuously
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Как устроен мозг

Сколько весит мозг Почему возникают негативные эмоции Как правильно концентрироваться Для чего нужен мозжечок Мозг это ведь не только головной, но и спинной, промежуточный, продолговатый. А самое страшное, что есть много процессов, которые решают за нас именно нейронные связи. Например, при громких хлопках мы на уровне рефлексов будет смотреть в сторону сильного звука. Помогать разобраться мы позвали Дарью Дворкину, преподавателя Школы развития Маяк .
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Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis

This book reflects the increasing interest among the chemical synthetic community in the area of asymmetric copper-catalyzed reactions, and introduces readers to the latest, most significant developments in the field. The contents are organized according to reaction type and cover mechanistic and spectroscopic aspects as well as applications in the synthesis of natural products. A whole chapter is devoted to understanding how primary organometallics interact with copper to provide selective catalysts for allylic substitution and conjugate addition, both of which are treated in separate chapters. Another is devoted to the variety of substrates and experimental protocols, while an entire chapter
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Шелковый путь. Дорога тканей, рабов

Шелковый путь больше чем книга, это настоящее исследование британского историка и преподавателя Оксфордского университета Питера Франкопана. В книге рассматривается вся история человечества за последние 2000 лет. Вы узнаете, как возник шелковый путь из Азии в Европу, какие войны велись за контроль над ним, а также поймете его истинное значение для всего мира. Вы увидите, что история развивалась совсем не так, как мы привыкли изучать в школе. Так, столетия назад интеллектуальные центры мира, Оксфорды и Кембриджи , Гарварды и Йели , находились не в Европе, а в городах Средней
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Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis

Provides an overview of the use of mass spectrometry MS for the analysis of pesticide residues and their metabolites. Presents state of the-art MS techniques for the identification of pesticides and their transformation products in food and environment Covers important advances in MS techniques including MS instrumentation and chromatographic separations e.g. UPLC, HILIC, comprehensive GCxGC and applications Illustrates the main sample preparation techniques SPE, QuEChERS, microextraction used in combination with MS for the analysis of pesticides Describes various established and new ionization techniques as well as the main MS platforms, software tools and mass
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Макроэкономические аспекты обеспечения сбалансированности национальной

В монографии рассмотрены проблемы обеспечения сбалансированности национальной экономики на основе использования инструментов и методов макроэкономического регулирования. Рассчитана на научных и практических работников, аспирантов, магистрантов и студентов-дипломников.
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How to Reach and Teach

The most up-to-date and comprehensive vital resource for educators seeking ADD/ADHD-supportive methods How to Reach and Teach Children and Teens with ADD/ADHD, Third Edition is an essential guide for school personnel. Approximately 10 percent of school-aged children have ADD/ADHD that is at least two students in every classroom. Without support and appropriate intervention, many of these students will suffer academically and socially, leaving them at risk for a variety of negative outcomes. This book serves as a comprehensive guide to understand and manage ADHD utilizing educational methods, techniques, and accommodations to help children and teens sidestep their weaknesses and
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Mehr als Sonne, Wind und

What are the energy sources of the future and what technologies can we rely on These are the questions that show the precarious situation our planet is in. Which is why we need solid answers for laypeople and the scientifically-minded as well as for politicians and students of the relevant disciplines. The author provides here a compact and comprehensible overview of our future energy resources. Alongside a detailed and richly illustrated introduction to the various technologies, he also discusses the fundamental problem of energy storage. The author is an electrical engineer working as a consultant for a
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